woohoocomputervideoflipThere’s so much more you can do with a creative and well-made marketing video, than simply displaying it on your homepage (although it can make a massive impact there!).


There are a multitude of online and offline uses, from driving traffic from social media platforms, to bringing your business to life at exhibitions and shows.

Check out these 10 ways video could revolutionise your marketing and put your business in front of a whole new audience…

  1. On your website

A 60 second video is the quickest and most effective way to explain your offering to potential customers when they land on your site.

Offering a video explainer alongside text allows you to engage with customers who fall into the ‘visual learners’ bracket – those who learn best through what they see. But it’s not only visual learners who respond better to visuals than other data, most of us do. That’s because we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

An engaging video on your homepage helps you capture site visitors and hold their attention. It has been proven to increase dwell time on site, which has big effect on SEO. And as we’ve seen from the above statistics, it also has a big impact on conversions.

But there’s one other reason why video is a must for website owners in 2016 – the ever increasing use of handheld devices to browse the web. According to Google, more search queries now take place on mobile devices than on desktops.

Video offers site visitors using mobiles a really convenient way to find out about your product or service, rather than having to struggle to read reams of tiny text.

  1. Across your social media channels

Whether you communicate with your customers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, video posts are one of the best ways to get their attention.

Video is becoming the new king of engagement, now far outpacing photo posts. According to new data from social media analytics company Socialbakers, photo posts are half as likely to be seen as videos on Facebook.

Looking at more than 670,000 posts by 4,445 brand pages (not including celebrity, entertainment or media pages) between October 2014 and February 2015, Socialbakers found that video posts had organic reach of 8.71%, meaning an average of nearly nine fans out of 100 see such posts. The reach was only 3.73% for photo posts.

Consequently, video has become an increasingly popular medium, with the amount of video content from people and brands in Facebook’s News Feed more than tripling.

  1. On paid ads landing pages

Super charge your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign by linking through to landing page with a dedicated video.

A great video will increase the amount of time visitors stay on your page and that can earn you big rewards. Search engines reward advertisers with longer dwell times by reducing the amount they pay per click (bid amount).

This means that even though you may be paying less than your competitors per click you could still rank higher than them. As such, your video could quickly pay for itself, as you pay less per click to get the same or an increased amount of traffic.

On top of this, having a video that shows your product or service in its best light will have a positive effect on your rate of conversion.

  1. For Facebook advertising

Facebook video ads are riding the crest of a wave. Since the platform launched its autoplay feature it has accomplished a rare feat in the age of ad blockers: It actually gets people to watch ads. Facebook now clocks up 8 billion daily video views.

However, the format only offers advertisers a few fleeting (silent) moments to make an impression, in what Facebook calls “the 3-second audition,” so it’s vital the visuals are truly eye-catching.

For this reason, eyeball-grabbing whiteboard animations are ideal for the purpose, and are also perfect for remarketing campaigns.

  1. For YouTube advertising

You may not think your prospects use YouTube… but you will be surprised. YouTube is now officially the second largest search engine in the world after Google itself.

Marketers who ignore YouTube are missing the opportunity to expand their brand reach to the 1 billion unique visitors the platform attracts.

Your advert can play in front of a highly targeted audience for pennies and thanks to the arrival of YouTube’s Shopping Ads feature, viewers can click straight through from the video to your website to complete a purchase.

  1. In email campaigns

Video in email?? Well…not quite, but using a thumbnail from your video as a link in your email has proven to have a huge impact on click through rates from email campaigns.

According to research, you can:

If your video is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and you’re using an email marketing platform like Mailchimp, it’s simple to set up. Use the platform’s integrated tool to pull a thumbnail image from your video and overlay a play button icon. The thumbnail is linked to the video URL, so subscribers can just click the thumbnail to watch the video in a new browser window.

  1. At exhibitions or shows

Just like when people are browsing online, there’s a lot competing for their attention on a busy show floor. A video playing on a large screen is an effective way for exhibitors to stand out amongst the noise.

Some intriguing visuals is all it takes to get a passer-by to stop for a moment, giving exhibitors the opportunity to engage them in conversation.

For a longer lasting message, you could also choose to distribute your video to attendees using futuristic video brochures that play when you open them (always a great giveaway to generate excitement) or you could even hand out tiny video business cards!

  1. In sales meetings

The video pitch is becoming increasingly popular. At 60 or 90 seconds long, it communicates the key benefits and features of your product or service in a really engaging way.

It acts as the perfect introduction to your company before you invite prospective clients to ask questions, and saves you from having to repeat a sales spiel that you may no longer be able to deliver with all the enthusiasm it deserves!

It’s also ideal for business owners, who may not be confident salespeople, and who worry about communicating the important messages effectively. A Q&A afterwards is far less daunting.

  1. For internal communications

Effectively communicating changes across larger companies and organisations can be a challenge. Video offers the ideal way to introduce new concepts to a large number of employees across different offices and divisions.

Due to its engaging nature, recipients of video internal communications are more likely to fully absorb the intended message. What’s more, research has suggested that people react to video positively as it feels more personal. Other benefits include:

  • Video can eliminate many in-person meetings, handouts, emails and documents
  • It can spread training messages without costly sessions and seminars
  • Video is always available in the future for people to refer back to – email is often deleted
  • Video is accessible from a variety of devices from desktop to mobile
  1. For PR campaigns

Journalists are bombarded with press releases every day. If you’re looking for a way to grab their attention and get them to listen to your story, what better way to do it than asking for just 60 seconds of their time to watch an entertaining video?

A well-scripted video can deliver all the headlines in mere seconds and the journalist can quickly decide it yours is a story they want to follow up and present to their readers in more detail.

Why whiteboard is the most engaging and versatile video type on the market

Whiteboard video as a medium offers the opportunity to tell a compelling story via visually captivating animation, and appeals to all ages.

With left of field thinking when it comes to the visualisations, it’s easy to make them humorous too. Raising a laugh can also raise your rates of conversion –  37% of consumers say an element of humour is the top reason they will continue watching a marketing video rather than skip it.

Furthermore, 94% of people say they would share a video if they found it funny. Video is a highly shareable medium, with each share widening your reach.

At Doodle Ads we understand the importance of leveraging those first few moments to drive people’s attention. We hook them in by identifying their pain points and visualising their emotions with amusing drawings, conceived by our award-winning cartoonist Piers Baker.

Piers is creator of the popular ‘Ollie and Quentin’ cartoon script, which was syndicated across national newspapers, and he is truly the best in the business.

With its signature creative style, Doodle-Ads has produced hundreds and hundreds of hand drawn videos for clients ranging from the NHS and Co-Op Bank to Unilever and Douwe Egberts.

Contact us today to discuss how your business could use video to engage, educate and entertain. Customers, prospects, staff or stakeholders, the message is always clearer with Doodle Ads!