Nursery Campaign Gets Kick Start with Quirky Video

By 22nd May 2015Doodle Ads

A campaign for increased nursery funding has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to a quirky whiteboard animation explaining the difficulties faced by nursery owners.

The video ‘Champagne Nurseries, Lemonade Funding,’ has made a big impression, achieving 5,000 views in its first two days and attracting national television news coverage for the campaign on Good Morning Britain.

The three-minute cartoon was created by whiteboard animation specialist Doodle Ads on behalf of a group of nursery owners. It explains the impact of the Government’s cap on the amount nurseries can charge for so-called ‘free hours’ for three and four-year-olds.

The group commissioned the video as a useful tool for helping parents understand the position of nurseries and explain that the long-term effects will be nursery closures.

The video has since clocked up nearly 16,000 views and 1,800 people have joined the Champagne Nurseries Campaign Facebook group.

Campaign spokeswoman Tricia Wellings, chief executive of MBK Training Group, which operates three Bright Kids nurseries in the West Midlands, said they were able to galvanise that online support by asking followers to send cards to their MP.

The homemade cards, each depicting a glass of lemonade and containing a poem, were mailed out on National Children’s Day (May 15).

Separately, Doodle Ads has also produced a bespoke animation to support National Children’s Day. The video, entitled ‘Adult Wellbeing Matters’ highlights the fact that parent and teacher wellbeing really matters for child wellbeing and has been featured on the Huffington Post.

Dave Lyons, Managing Director of Doodle Ads, says: “We’re being asked to do more and more campaign work and I think it’s because whiteboard animation is such an effective medium for spreading these kinds of messages.

“Because the images come to life in front of your eyes it’s very engaging. At the same time it helps to simplify complex information by pictorially depicting concepts and data, as well as illustrating the all-important emotion behind the facts and figures.

“Not only does whiteboard help the general public understand the thrust of a campaign, it’s also a highly shareable medium, which means campaigns can enjoy great traction on social media.”

Doodle Ads offers free script consultations for campaigns. For further information email or call 01483 802 008.

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