Case Study: Explainer Doodles Help Grow Education Quizzes’ Subscription Rates by 50%

By 11th November 2016Doodle Ads

The company:

Education Quizzes is an online resource of UK National Curriculum subjects, used by students, teachers and tutors. Users subscribe to gain access to thousands of quizzes, created by teachers to aid learning and revision.

The brief:

6 x videos ranging from 40 to 70 seconds in duration to engage the different personas who are visiting the site for different reasons. These included parents concerned about their children’s exam results, teachers seeking homework resources and students looking for a more exciting way to revise.

The videos were to sit on the home pages of each different user section, as well as on the sign-up page, providing a quick and engaging introduction to the offering.

The results:

Since the videos went live on Education Quizzes in March 2016, they – alongside other site optimisations – have resulted in a 50% increase in subscription rates.

Colin King, CEO of Education Quizzes says:

“We had attempted to make videos ourselves using real people to explain our service offering, which were not at all effective. The great thing about Doodle Ads is it brought a fun element to our messages that normal videos may miss.

“It was very comforting to have the scripts written for us, because although we had our own ideas, we felt we were too close to our products to be able to write subjectively. We liked Doodle Ads’ style of copy writing, and Bel had the skills to turn the facts into a story, which was essential for our requirements.

“Piers was then able to really bring this to life with the drawings, which have added colour and humour to our pages. Education can be a very dry environment so this is important.

“We also wanted to target potential customers searching on YouTube, so we use YouTube as the host for the videos. We made a decision to NOT make the videos auto-play, which helps with YouTube SEO, as autoplay does not count towards views. This has proven to be very successful.”

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