Why a Doodle Whiteboard video will catapult your conversions

into the stratosphere!

Get site visitors to take the action YOU want!

When people visit your website you want them to do something, whether that’s to buy your product, sign up to your mailing list or pick up the phone and call you. ­A Doodle Whiteboard video can drastically improve the chances of that happening.

Why? A well constructed whiteboard marketing video holds your prospect’s attention and lets you deliver your message in the order you want (as opposed to them clicking around your site to find information).

Finish with a compelling call to action (CTA) and your customer knows exactly what they need to do next. ­Studies have shown that videos can increase conversions on landing pages by a whopping 80 percent!

The beauty of a captive audience…

Place your Doodle Whiteboard video on a dedicated landing page and you can create the perfect environment for encouraging the behaviour you desire. That’s because the customer journey can be controlled and the message delivered with no distractions.

At the end of the video, the customer is guided to take the action you want, either filling out a contact form or clicking through to the section of your website that you specify, such as the shop.

Why affiliates love Doodle Whiteboard videos…

If you’re working with an affiliate marketing company, they will jump at the chance to utilise a well made whiteboard video because they know it will help them get results.

Whiteboard videos can tell an engaging story in just 60 seconds and hold attention far more effectively than text alone. Affiliates can use your video on landing pages and in web content such as blogs, as well as using stills or thumbnails in banner ads and email marketing.

Consumers say they are 73% more likely to purchase after watching a video that explains the product or service, which means the affiliates are 73% more likely to earn commission!

How a Doodle Whiteboard video can reduce your advertising spend…

If you’re running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, having a video on your landing page can actually reduce your spend.

That’s because a great video will increase the amount of time visitors stay on your page and search engines reward advertisers with longer dwell times by reducing the amount they pay per click (bid amount). Your video could quickly pay for itself!

Ready to supercharge your conversions?