Pitch Perfect – Agencies Turning to Whiteboard Video to Woo Clients

By 12th January 2016Doodle Ads, Uncategorized

doodle-ads-agency-pitchAgencies are turning to a new medium to communicate their ideas to clients. Whiteboard video company Doodle Ads says recent months have witnessed a distinct uptick in creative agencies utilising their product, which has previously been mostly employed by businesses as a B2C marketing tool.

Managing Director of Doodle Ads Dave Lyons says: “Our videos are primarily used by consumer-facing businesses to explain their product or service in a fun and engaging way, but we are getting more and more requests from clients wanting to use them for internal use.

“Recently we have produced videos for several major London agencies, using the format to pitch both prospective clients and those they hope to retain. We have also produced a business accelerator pitch video.”

Lyons believes the format is becoming popular with agencies due to the trend towards corporate storytelling.

“Telling a story is a proven method for provoking an emotional response. We’re seeing it employed by ad agencies all the time – just look at the John Lewis ads – but it’s a tactic that works regardless of the audience being targeted.”

He adds: “Whiteboard video enables clients to tell a story, complete with engaging visuals, in a short period of time. The average length of a pitch video is just 90 to 120 seconds, meaning it gets the message across quickly, while holding attention.”

London-based media agency ZenithOptimedia chose Doodle Ads to communicate its strategy to an important automotive client.

Ben Lukawski, Group Planning Director, explains why they opted for the format: “We were aware of the impact whiteboard animation could have, having seen it demonstrated in our industry before. For the purpose of this important strategy presentation we needed something that would not only get across the facts, but also communicate the real passion and emotion that we have for the vision.

“We were delighted with the result, which humorously brought to life some technical aspects of the strategy. The client response was also very positive, and we are now looking at doing another video with Doodle Ads for a different client.”