We approached Doodle Ads as we were looking for a new and innovative way to raise awareness of a large, organisation-wide transformation project. The project is multi-faceted and involves all our people but the scale of it made it difficult to communicate easily and in an engaging way.

After chatting through the project and what we were looking for, Phil was quick to respond with a full explanation of all the processes involved, timescales and cost. We were really impressed at how quickly this could be turned around and how cost-effective it was to do something different that our employees would remember.

Once we started the process it couldn’t have been easier. We carried out all meetings via teleconference or phone and the team was always available when we needed to ask questions. They listened to what we needed and were quick to understand where we were coming from. They were also happy to make suggestions and amends and were very directive in what they needed us to do at our end, which made the process extremely pain-free.

I was really impressed by how much research the team carried out and how they managed to get the personality, style and ethos of our company and people across in a doodle – it’s very clever! The end result was fantastic and the doodle gets across our messages in a clear and engaging way. We recently showed it for the first time at our Leadership Conference and the reaction was great – very positive and now our leaders are considering how this format can be used for other projects.

I’d recommend Doodle Ads to anyone – really enjoyed the experience of working with them and very happy with the results.