I’ve seen cheaper whiteboard animation videos – why are yours more expensive?

Doodle Ads is a completely bespoke creative service. We don’t use clipart or stock images like some of our competitors.

How long does a video take to produce?

We work to a four-week production schedule. Your video is usually completed within two weeks of script sign-off.

What if I need a video in a hurry?

We can work to tight deadlines though we will need to charge a little extra for those late nights and early starts!

Can I supply my own script?

Yes, but please make full use of our free script editing service so that your message is as powerful as possible.

Does the price include the voiceover?

Yes. Choose from our selection of talented male and female voiceover artists.

Is it possible to have a voiceover artist with a specific accent or one that speaks in a foreign language?

Yes. For an additional fee we can find you a voiceover artist outside of our in-house selection. You can also supply your own if you wish. Just let us know and we will provide you with the technical requirements.

How many rounds of revisions to the script and drawings can I have?

You can go back and forth with our scriptwriter until you are entirely satisfied with the script. Then our cartoonist will sketch out your storyboard. At this stage you can make one round of revisions at no extra cost. Once your video has gone to ‘final draw’ minor edits can be made free of charge but any larger redraws after that have to be charged on a per-image basis.

Can I have something specific drawn, such as a company mascot?

Yes. If you wish to include a specific character in your video we can do that for you.

Can I have existing assets, such as a screenshots, logos or pictures placed in my video?

Yes, and this won’t cost you any extra.

Can I have music in my video?

Yes but it’s something you would need to supply. We can let you have the technical requirements.

Can my Doodle Ad be used for TV?

Yes but the TV production process is different from our usual one so you need to let us know.