Whiteboard animation is compelling! Viewers retain the information they see in whiteboard videos longer than presentations in other media. Cartoon-style animation holds their attention substantially longer than other types of videos, which in turn leads to better viewer interest and retention.

The simpler the object is, the less effort the brain needs to process and relate to the image. Applying this neuropsychology to whiteboard videos vs. talking heads, we are wired to pay more attention to the simplicity of whiteboard videos. All the while, this frees up processing power to digest the narrative.

The use of the artist’s hand in a whiteboard animation provides a vivid visual progression, where viewers consume this information one step at a time in a logical sequence which keeps the viewer engaged and prevents the wasteful wandering of attention.

On top of a conducive learning structure, the step-by-step unveiling of the key message in an anticipation-building, cartoonish fashion causes lots of little bursts of the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine. Watchers of whiteboard videos are literally rewarded by their own brains to keep on watching your message.

The beauty of whiteboard animation videos is that they have great mass appeal. They don’t discriminate based on age or gender, between skimmers and in-depth readers, or the well-informed and industry newbies.

One study compared 1,000 whiteboard viewers and 1,000 talking head viewers (of mixed ages 22 to 65+). It found that whiteboard viewers were three times more likely to share the video on social media and were twice as likely to both recommend and buy the service, as well as to recall the facts and message being delivered. As every share or recommendation is free marketing for your company, this is a compelling statistic.